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You have taken an important first step in setting yourself free from your dependence on fossil fuels to power your home or commercial property. Our goal is to make the next step easy and rewarding.

Rising fuel costs, climate change concerns and the national security issues arising out of sending billions of dollars in oil payments to countries that fund our enemies make this the right time to protect yourself and your family with your own solar power system that harnesses the free and unlimited energy from the sun.

Until recently, the cost of installing a solar roof top system has made its viability limited to relatively few. But with LIPA rebates, substantial federal and local tax credits and a new generation of powerful and affordable solar panels, the conversion to solar power costs less than your electric bill and quickly adds extra dollars to your bottom line.

Solar Max's solar power systems and products offer high quality and reliable power generation for residential, commercial and industrial applications. By partnering with the Sun instead of with Big Oil, your solar power system will supply from 65% to 100% of the power needed to run your home with zero noise pollution and air emissions. It will insulate you from the price volatility of fossil fuels caused by power traders, and with an emergency bank of batteries can offer protection from major power grid failures or an attack on the nation's electrical generation and distribution structure.

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