Wilderness Cabins:

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Camping Cabins
Hunting Cabins
Fishing Cabins
Vacation Homes
Campground Cabins
Weekend Get-Aways for Remote Areas
Emergency Housing Disaster Relief Command Centers
Totally Off The Grid with Built-in Electric, Water
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No Infrastructure Required!

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Solar Electricity - How It Works

Off The Grid Vacation Houes

From Beach Front Cottages
To Mountain Top Get-Aways

       Wilderness Cabins Go
       Where Others Cannot

Wilderness CabinsTM are the only totally energy self-sufficient, self-contained, off-grid cabins - Ideal for remote or secluded locations or situations in which utilities and infrastructure are either not permitted, not available or too costly or difficult to install.

Wilderness Cabins come in a variety of interior and exterior designs - From basic one-room Rustic Style cabins to elegant Fine Living Style cabins with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms that can sleep up to 8 people. They can include Full Size Kitchens with Brand Name Appliances, Heat and Air, Full Bath with Shower/Tub combinations, an Entertainment Center with Flat Screen TV and Surround Sound, and come completely furnished. There is a wide choice of floor plans and interior/exterior decor and colors. These cabins make great:

  • Vacation Homes
  • Campground Cabins
  • Hunting Cabins
  • Fishing Cabins
  • Weekend Get-Aways
  • Rental Cabins
  • Marina Dock Cabins
  • Ocean Front Villas
  • Employee Housing
  • Disaster Area Housing and Work Stations

  More Than Just A Solar System

The Solar Max Wildernes CabinTM is a lot more than just a solar system for lighting. These are cabins with a a highly integrated robust 1 KW Solar System that runs everything you need to be totally off the grid - Electric, Water and Sewer. You can literally put these cabins almost anywhere and live in style and comfort. Here's what the typical Wilderness Package includes:

  • 1 KW Solar System - Roof Top or Pole Mounted and Adjustable for correct angle to the sun
  • Back-up Battery Bank with Fuel Cell or Generator
  • Fresh Water Filtration System
  • Grey Water Recycling System
  • Dry Toilet System to reduce organic waste to clean ash
  • Remote Monitoring and Security System

Our recreational park models are totally off grid and can be put almost anywhere. They are more permanent and accommodating than an RV or travel trailer, and more affordable than site-built lodging. Choose from twelve dcorator packages, multiple floor plans, color selections and decor options.

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RV Park Model Rental Cabins

Wilderness Cabins are built by Breckenridge Park Model Homes and outfitted for off-grid living or use at our plant in Plymouth, Indiana, just down the road from Breckinridge. The Off-Grid Features are matched to each customer's needs, i.e., Solar Electric Only, Water or Septic only, or any combination of the three.

The Adirondack shown below is available in 13 different layouts to accommodate your needs. Built for the rental market, this cabin comes with hardened exterior and interior features to provide years of low maintenance upkeep.

        The Adirondack 29L

Enlarge Picture | Living Room | Kitchen | Bedrm
Layout 29SL      | Layout 20S

Destination Camping is the fastest growing segment of the RV marketplace, and these off-the-grid cabins are the easiest, least costly way for you to add to your rental inventory.

Wilderness Cabins are the most versatile rental cabins on the market. They come with all of the major utilities built in - Electric, Water and Septic - Making it possible to place them almost anywhere on your property without having to run any additional infrastructure, except for an access road.

Vacation Homes - Off Grid Living Doesn't Have To Mean Rustic Living

The distinctive architectural elements of field stone and rough sawn cedar shake give the Cape Cod its natural beauty, while Beaver Lodge captures the style of the quintessentially American log cabin with hand-installed cedar log siding and rough sawn cedar trim. Abundant glass lights the interior and maximizes the view of the outdoors of both cabins - A perfect balance with nature.

Click on the links below for a sampling of the craftsmanship and beauty of these cabins.

Wilderness Cabins offer extraordinary value and are very affordable.  There is no compromise here.  With our heavy-duty construction and quality materials you will know that you have purchased the best. Your toughest decision will be which cabin fits you best.