Solar Hot Water Heater Systems

Solar Air Heating Panels

Advanced Solar Hot Water Heating Systems Cuts Hot Water and Heating Bills By 30% - 50%

The live chart below is showing that crude oil is currently trading at $60.50 per barrel and wholesale home heating oil is hovering at $2.01/gallon. For New York, these wholesale home heating oil prices are translating into $2.85 +/gallon, with Long Island and NYC prices the highest at $3.12/gallon and $3.16/gallon respectively.

Crude Oil $60.50 Per Barrel - May 14, 2015

NY State Average Home Heating Oil Price As Of May 14, 2015

NYS Avg Price
Per Gallon 5/14/2015:

Long Island: $3.12
New York City: $3.16
Lower Hudson: $3.04
Upper Hudson: $2.93
Capital District: $2.92
North Country: $2.88
Central Region: $2.85
Western Region: $2.97

Source: NYSERDA Average Home Heating Oil Prices - Updates twice a month April through August, then weekly from September through March.

Solar Heating Systems Replace Oil, Gas, Propane and Electric For Heat And Hot Water

Solar Max has created a line of technologically advanced Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water and Solar Heating Kits. Each of our prepackaged kits include the major components needed for a quick turnkey installation. While every system is unique, our solar thermal kits for residential and commercial properties make the job of sizing, and installation fast and efficient.

Residential Solar Heating Solutions

Residential Solar Heating System With Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

We began looking for economically feasible solar solutions to space heating several years ago. The motivation as you might imagine is the cost of heating, particularly with oil, here in New York and across the Northeast and Midwest. Even with the relief of temporarily falling oil prices, folks have been turning down the thermostat, bundling up inside, using the fireplace, or electric heater to keep at least one room sweater-less. If you live in the Northeast or Midwest and heat your home or business with oil or propane, your winter lifestyle can best be described as "Living Cold And Still Paying Too Much!"

Save 30% - 50% Off
This Winter's Heating Bill

Solar Max Combination Solar Hot Water and Space Heating Kits make installing a system that will provide you with both hot water and heating easy and affordable. The kits are available for a wide range of home sizes and climates.

These Combination Systems are using state-of-the-art solar thermal technology that can deliver enough energy to reduce your heating and hot water costs by 30% - 50%. Imagine cutting your utility bill(s) by 30% - 50% this winter!

Engineered with quality, versatility and longevity in mind, the Solar Max Combination systems are designed around the square footage of your home. Models are available using flat plate or evacuated tube solar collectors.



Solar Max Commercial Solar Heating Solutions

Save Money! Increase Profit!


Laundromats and Dry Cleaners

In tight economic conditions, it is more important than ever for companies to take advantage of every opportunity to lower their operating costs and differentiate themselves from the competition. Laundromats and Dry Cleaners use enormous amounts of hot water and can easily save from 30% - 60% on their fossil fuel bill with one of our energy-producing Solar Hot Water Systems.

Significantly Lower Cost of Hot Water and Heat, and Increase Profit!

Use Green Marketing to Differentiate your laundromat from competitors

Increase business with free local media attention!

Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and your carbon footprint


Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries...

Use tremendous. amounts of hot water — From the hot water used in the brewing process to the water used for sanitizing bottles and cans for packaging. Heated water is an integral part of the brewing industry.

Go Solar and Eliminate 50% + of your annual fuel costs.

Become a green leader in your community and tap into the Green Marketplace

Increase business with free local media attention!

Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and your carbon footprint


Apartment Buildings...

Use tremendous. amounts of hot water — A solar hot water heating system can offset a significant portion of your domestic hot water heating needs over the course of a year — Resulting in thousands of dollars in energy savings every year. A Solar Thermal System can also be used for:

  • -Radiant/Space Heating Systems
  • -Solar Pool and Spa Heating
  • -Central AC/Cooling Systems
  • -Snow/Ice Melting Applications