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    Commercial Solar Pool Heating System by Heliocol
    Heliocol Commercial Solar Pool System Installations

    University of Southern Florida, St. Petersburg, FL

    Heliocol Solar Pool Heating System - University Of Southern Florida
    Year Installed: 1999
    Pool Surface Area: 3,640 square feet
    Number of Heliocol Panels: 60 HC-50 Collectors
    Average Unheated Temperature: 70 F (21 C)
    Average Solar Heated Temperature: 84 F (29 C)
    Fiscal Payback: 3 years
    First Year Savings: $10,000
    Roof Orientation: Flat Roof
    Pool Oreientation: Outdoor
    The University of South Florida received acclaim for its installation of this 60-panel Heliocol solar pool heating system. In addition to receiving a project of the year award from the Florida Solar Industries Association, the $10,000 annual energy savings makes the project a model for other colleges and universities. The University of South Florida's solar pool heating project not only saves money, but saves thousands of pounds of greenhouse gas from polluting the air.

    32nd United States Naval Station, San Diego, CA, USA

    Heliocol Commercial Swimming Pool Solar System - 32nd U.S. Naval Station
    Year Installed: 2002
    Pool Surface Area: 7,500 square feet
    Number of Heliocol  Panels: 200 HC-50 Collectors
    Average Solar Heated  Temperature: 82 F (28 C) year-round
    Payback Less than 12 months
    Roof Orientation: 3rd Story, Flat Roof
    Pool Oreientation: Outdoor
    This Heliocol solar pool heating system was chosen by the Department of Energy to showcase during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. The Heliocol system demonstrated how an environmentally friendly technology saves money and provides extremely accurate temperatures. The pool temperatures were constantly maintained at strict Olympic regulation temperatures throughout competition. During the daytime, the Heliocol system heated the pool, while at night the system cooled the water if necessary. The Heliocol system continues to save thousands of dollars each month for the pool's new owners, Georgia Tech University.

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    Helicol has manufactured the highest quality solar pool heating system in the world since 1977. Over 2 million residential and commercial Heliocol customers worldwide enjoy a longer swimming season with free heat from the sun.

    Heliocol systems heat swimming pools in al types of climatic conditions, from hot and arid climates like those found in the Mohave Desert of Arizona, to cold, harsh climates like the Swiss Alps and Northern Canada.

    Heliocol Solar Installation At El Cid Hotel, Mazatlan, Mexico

    Heliocol Solar Pool Heater Panels

    Heliocol Solar Pool Panels Installed At 1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta, GA

    Heliocol Commercial Solar Pool Installations


    Heliocol is the ONLY solar panel in the industry that does not require multiple 'hurricane straps' across the panel to hold the panel to the roof to meet the 2003 FLORIDA WIND LOADING CODE. All of Heliocol's mounting hardware is at the top and bottom of the solar panel ONLY and the mounting hardware is easily attachable to a truss or rafter.


    A Heliocol solar system requires on average, 50%-60% fewer penetrations in your roof to attach the solar system...and it still withstands the highest winds in the industry! Heliocol is the most requested solar panel by insurance carriers for replacement of solar panels affected by high winds. In addition, Heliocol offers a flush, more aesthetically pleasing appearance. There are no unsightly gaps between the solar panels!

    Free Heat Makes Cents!

    You pay nothing to run your Heliocol system because your heat comes free from the sun! Other heating options such as gas or electricity can cost thousands of dollars to run every year. In fact, many pool owners who buy a gas or electric heater stop using the heater all together after discovering the high cost of system operation.